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Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland
Jess Cheetham on
Ferryhill Royal Debutante

Jess Cheetham on Ferryhill Royal Debutante - Reserve Champion Junior Bursary Award
Jess Cheetham on
Little Briars Bartholomew

Jess Chetham on Little Briars Bartholomew - won the premier league blue division
We cover the Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland areas.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact our Chairperson Marilyn Ludlow on 01476 870293 or 07570 099655 (no calls after 9pm please)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact a member of the committee – details on the “Contact Us” page.

BSPS Winter Championships 2015

The area had some very excellent results these are the ones I know...

Sophie Barker on
Carrigs Pride
Heidi Coy riding Helen Coy’s Riversdale Magic Heart had a fabulous show the pair won the open 143cms Gold Cup
and were Champion.
1st & Res Champion 143cms Winter Winners W.H.P.
2nd Winter Nov. 143cms W.H.P.
3rd Winter Nov 153cms W.H.P. riding Mrs L. Harris’s Pixel. Well done to Heidi.

Sophie Barker 1st & Champion with her own Carrigs Pride Heritage Restricted W.H.P.

Jessica Cheetham 2nd in her first R.I. Pretty Polly Heritage First Ridden riding Cheetham’s Treworgan Dambuster

Bea O’Kelly riding Mrs A O’Kelly Mosstown Rockstar
8th Open Gold Cup

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Area 5 Points Party 2014

We all had a fabulous time at our points party the little children never seem to run out of energy. There were several new members which is nice to see. I would like to thank Joanne Griffin who did a superb job giving out the awards


Jess Cheetham - CHAPS and BSPS champs success

Jessica Cheetham did extremely well at CHAPS champs with Ferryhill Royal Debutante. Jess won Reserve Champion Junior Bursary Award winning a cheque for £100 towards training with her pony. Jess got to ride in 3 evening performances and loved every minute of it.

At the BSPS champs Jess won the premier league blue division with Little Briars Bartholomew. A fantastic win in pouring rain qualifying for the Evans Mini Supreme judged Saturday night in the evening performance - wow what an experience, Jess loved it!


Points Shows & Cards 2014

Click here for the BSPS Area5 Points Shows 2014

Please can all members please complete your points cards and get them sent to Jenny ASAP.

Please use the correct colour card for your pony eg heritage are yellow and remember it is one card per class ie one card for novice SP classes and one for SP open. The points are accrued per pony/rider combination. Shows must be within Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and the class must be a BSPS affiliated class.

The last area show is Southwell Ploughing Match however if you're not competing there please send your cards to Jenny early. If all all unsure please ring for advice. Remember points mean prizes and you do not need many points to win a lovely personalised rosette and the points party.

Points Results 2013

Click here for the BSPS Area5 Points Results 2013
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Please let me know your showing results, big or small they all deserve a mention! Please include which show(s) you attended and full names of rider, pony, and the placing awarded.
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